Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Coaster Punched - a few animals...

Some punching I did for playing with yarns/wools and embellished glitter :)

Simple backing with felt for a coaster style about 4 or 5 " square (yes they are square just taking picture is not)...

More of a Mola type (turn your head or think of the poor fish diving down lol)

Funky OWL needs eye beads :)

and just a coffee or tea break time one....
varigated yarn on background

Friday, 27 March 2015

Bluenose 3023 - Hooking for a Footstool - done

I found a treasure in my stash - love the painted patterns from the old BlueNose... so now I am making to fit a footstool in our living room.

Finished it with help from my parents (Don and Sybil)  ahhh we love it, so does Bauer :)

Punch Time - Coasters and just having fun with different thread types (unfinished)

Had so much fun with the funky salamanders ... although the first one looks flattened or flying and the 2nd one is swimming, do salamanders swim??

These all in need of embellished eyes with beads still!  :)  

My Favourite showing a Cat by itself then with a friend :)

Coaster for your desk and any time of the day...

Sunday, 11 January 2015

"For Maddie"

I hooked this rug (posted earlier when Maddie was born in June 2014.
Shows Thira watching over the baby on the porch with Mom & Dad
Watching from shadows in window.
Love this pic Paul and Lauren snapped on Maddie's 7month birthday (Nov)
Hearts and hugs

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Stylized Leaves - all done but the whipping

Next up - purchased design from Ingrid Hieronimus - Stylized Leaves...

I did as following, very different from Ingrid's version.  Still to whip (surprise!)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Coasters for Christmas - Punched

I found a nice glittery yarn which made me think of a winter night... I like the affect when punched.
Backed to black felt. 4"x4"

Poppy Pin - Punched "In Remembrance .... lest we forget"

:) I was motivated so much by a Poppy rug posting on a Facebook group< I set out to make my own version and now no longer will I lose my Poppy! :)

In Remembrance .... lest we forget

To note:  I will always continue to give donations to our poppy boxes, and in fact will add a purchased Poppy to my own poppy each year (it will pin nicely to the back of my own pin, no longer dropping anywhere and all over unbeknownst to me and littering...)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

"Fantasy" a Jane McGowan Flynn design - teacher Ingrid Hieronimus from Chantry School 2014

My version of the ever so popular "Fantasy" pattern by Jane McGowan Flynn 26"x36" in size 6 and coached by Ingrid Hieronimus at Chantry School of Rug Hooking Oct 17-19, 2014.

For background, just pull from a bag, alternating direction of squares in same size. I wanted a look like basket weave almost. It was difficult in that the lines were added after my leaves were hooked in, so I would say this is one time where deciding on the background last did add a challenge (line up those rows).

I dyed my own wool for centre's and added a string of gold yarn on 3 of the leaves too for effect :) The background was a suggestion by Ingrid to see how it would work using my (2 1/2 yards dyed with variations of Ecru, Taupe and Ivory) and pull from a bag, alternating direction of squares in same size. I wanted a look like basket weave almost. It was difficult in that the lines were added after my leaves were hooked in, so I would say this is one time where deciding on the background last did add a challenge (line up those rows)
Kind of blurry with Bauer sleeping on it - will post new one when i do the whipping! (ugh)
(Completed Hooking  Nov 2014 from Chantry Oct 16-18, 2014)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sue Raynor -A Rug Hooking Retrospective (@Bruce County Museum 2014)

In the following photos (and these are not all the rugs on display) but consider that these photos are not for re-distribution.   I also tried to capture the write-up for each rug.  
Thanks to Lorraine Duncan for putting together such a lovely tribute to Sue, a beautiful person taken from us all too soon...    

Patti-Lynne Armstrong :) drew the pattern for Sue.

This 'Welcome' (Pineapple) was given to a neighbour from Sue and years later, Sybil Mercer came across it, held on to it as a treasure - see the comments below, how endearing.  :) 

Chantry School of Rug Hooking 2014 (Sybil Mercer and Vicky Pickup) 24th year! WOW Great times for all... see photos of a few moments attached.

Well it is that time of year again and we had yet another wonderful Chantry School of Rug Hooking weekend.  I snapped a few pictures, forgive me for not writing down names...

Here we go...
Thanks to our wonderful teachers:
Marjorie Duizer (Fabulously Floral)
Marge Bruin (Family Memories)
Anne Boissinot (Funky Houses)
Ingrid Hieronimus (Foliage - aka Leaves)
Nov 6-16 "Called to Serve" in Toronto (King and Church)
Honouring Canada's Military Chaplains of all faiths.  Anne Hallett has a rug she spoke to us about which is at the exhibit, hooked with much TLC.  @St. James Cathedral, Entrance is free, if you have a chance... I attached a picture of the plaque.

Florals with Marjorie Duizer ...

Marge Bruin's class - Family Memories

Marge's rug in progress on display for students to view.  Just lovely and wonderful colour choices!
 Marilyn's Bluenose rug - see rug below for original and colours :) Beautiful!

Anne Boissinot's Funky Houses 
- I attached some pictures of her work and the wonderful colours from the wool (hanging in long strips at the windows in the background)

 Linda Sullivan's Chair pad :) LOVE IT!

Anne's Funky houses, just love the colours and thinking outside the box - curtain billowing in the wind is lace :)  

 This is my fav for colours :) 

 Ingrid Hieronimus's - we had Foliage - FUN WITH Leaves! And then some...
Snapped great pictures of Ingrid's rugs she brought as visual aids.   

Bonnie's Leaves


Norma's Irish Pillow 

My own dyed wool and a few leaves done...

 Cheryl Harnack's 'Honeymoon Cottage' rug in bright fun colours :) can't wait to see it finished...

 Ingrid's finished rugs we were lucky enough to be able to view up close... stunning.  

And again we had an Auction of donated items to raise monies to be sent off again (as last year).  
I will post the details of how much and where it went... 
Lola Tims as our auctioneer and Cheryl Harnack as our 'Vannah' (sp?) :)
Sybile Mercer and Lorraine Duncan ready the items. 

A bonus posting - Gwen Becker completed this for her daughter - Love the work, the colour and finesse in the hooking.  Nicely done.  Don't know many people who can hook so consistently even. Colours are perfectly balanced.
Jean 1st project as a beginner 2013 - Marjorie Duizer designed the rug for Jean...
Nicely done...